Bat is not transfering to uphold account

I have 60 bat in my android Brave browser and I have conected verified uphold account to it. .but when I try to withdraw the bat nothing is withdrawing plzz help me…
I am not able to withdraw anything…
My uphold account is kyc verified and connected…
@eljuno @Mattches @Steeve
Android version is 7.1.2
Running latest brave browser

I have the same problem for almost 1 month now and I still waiting for a solution.

Have u connected your uphold account to any other Brave browser??
If yes, then How many brave browser…plz tell

I connected to 1 laptop and 2 android devices total 3

So u are not able to transfer bat from any of the devices???

From the laptop device I got paid but from the android no.

I try to reinstall on 1 android the brave browser and I lost all the rewards and now I need 25 bat to connected to my uphold account.

Yeah bro in Android there is no backup phrase u should be careful how much you had in that…

From both the 2 Android device you haven’t got any bat ??
How many bat you have

@Sss107 - when did you verify your wallet?

My uphold kyc is already done in 2019
And I connected it to brave browser on 11july and the wallet is verified…

I have a lot of bat but unuseless.

If the bat are in the browser wallet and I can’t use it.

How did u earn this much bro.:heart_eyes: How much time it took to get this much bat?
Just wait there will be some help.:blush:

Hey you didn’t give the reply yet

Your wallet was verified after the July payout. You will receive your payout as a part of the August settlement.

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