I have a Sync Account but BAT gone to zero but have Uphold Wallet

I was a Brave Browser initally and bulit up spme BAT over 18 months.

I used Sync and could always see my BAT

I had a few months not using Brave trying other browsers.

I had a laptop crash and got a new one.

When i add Brave back and sync now everything comes back but my BAT is zero??

I did sign up to Uphold Wallet and can see my cash in there.

How do i reconnect back to this wallet now i have a new browser and laptop?

How do i re verfiy to a wallet i already have and continue with Uphold?

When i add my recovery [phrase i see this

Rewards will not be synced between devices.
Just passwords, browser history, cookies, settings etc.
The way to “sync” rewards is done by verify with a custodian. Uphold or Gemini currently.
If you don’t verify, the brave browser wallet will be gone if the data is lost. Since it is saved locally on hard drive if the computer.

The wallet you refer to is not where bat get send to… It is completely separated from brave rewards.

How i re verify with my original Uphold wallet?

me same thing each time brave update. I have to update browser and gemini reconected instantly

I have logged in with my old Uphold wallet but still not verified!

Click the rewards icon on top. Click Unverified and connect your Uphold account.


I have already done that :nerd_face:

Uphold is having legal problem as Gemini. I Hope they can solve it.

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