BAT went to 0 after reinstalling windows

My wallet isn’t verified yet at Uphold, But I assume that isn’t needed as long as you have the backup. I lost 27 BAT Coins and this is 3rd time. Though the amount is but still so can someone help me on this?

Hey @Arsen1ck ! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Can you provide more information about your issue.

You reinstalled windows (and therefore had to uninstall Brave) and in the process you lost BAT?

This is to be expected, your BAT is tied to your browser so connecting your browser to Uphold is the only way to have this BAT transferred over. Uninstalling Brave deletes your wallet and, in the process, the BAT that you may have earned.

We do not have backups of your browser or the BAT you earned unfortunately.


Thanks for your response. My uphold account wasn’t verified but it was connected to BAT rewards

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