Brave Rewards lost after verifying Uphold Wallet

I started using Brave about a few years ago then stopped using it and came back to it recently. I had roughly 130 BAT and wanted to withdraw it. So, I created an uphold account a few days ago by using the verify option in the brave rewards menu and linked my account but afterwards it said I had 0 BAT as my Brave Rewards. I contacted Uphold about it as well as provided them a picture of the discrepancies in balances between the brave browser reward balance and the balance amount shown on uphold. They responded a day later with a generic list of steps of how to get Brave Rewards which I already knew and had followed otherwise I wouldn’t have 130 BAT. I double checked my Brave reward balance on the browser due to the odd response I received from Uphold and saw that my balance was 0 BAT. So, I’m wondering how this all happened and if there’s anyway that I can get my BAT back. I have tried my recovery code but the balance is still 0.

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