BAT Rewards balance dropped to zero after verifying Uphold wallet this day (France)

Hello World !

I opened an Uphold wallet and completed the verification process. Upon finishing that registration, my BAT balance dropped to zero (to my Laptop and my mobile :frowning: ) Uphold does not report any transfer from Brave.

Any insights on what might have happened? It appears similar to this on the community forum but I did not see a resolution.

Thanks very much.

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How to retrieve my lost BAT ? (On my mobile phone and my laptop)
Please help me

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I am in France too, and just had the same matter today.
I create and confirm Uphold account, link it on 2 different brave browser, and my BAT was move to 0 at the moment i link the uphold account.
I already contact uphold support, they say they had no history about some BAT wire. They say to contact BRAVE support.
Help me please

I find this topic :

I understand the BAT will appear on Uphold in 1 week ? Right?

Yes. When I linked uphold some time ago, it took everything from the brave wallet and appeared on uphold after a few days or a week.
This should be normal. You have to wait a bit. It should appear on uphold in a while.

For this moment, i don’t receive BAT transfered to uphold and i received february reward …
What’s happen ? Who want to help me please

Il m’est arrivé la même chose, mais selon le gars (xMovingTarget) c’est normal et il faut attendre un moment, courage on est dans le même bateau.

à suivre merci beaucoup :wink:

I confirm, after a few days (> one week) all transaction from brave to uphold done !
Thanks a lot for all replly :wink:

I don’t know why they even made the Brave Wallet if we still need to use a third party wallet to receive our BAT tokens. Moreover, there is no way to backup the current month estimated earnings incase we want to reset our device due to any XYZ reason. I lost so many coins due to my smartphone getting damaged and I could not recover those tokens as there was still 7-8 days left for the payout.

Same issue. Windows laptop and Gemini.

I supposedly earned 2 BAT for January. When the pending notice went away, the BAT disappeared. They are not in my Gemini wallet. The stats for January have reverted to 0. However I just saved the list of all the Ads I received in the last 30 days.

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