I have 3 confirmations and my balance is still at 0 BAT

hi I have 3 confirmations of the month of February and I have not added any in my balance

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Apparently, the whole system is half-developed/broken. Nobody is happy to use Brave.

Me pasa lo mismo =
Tengo varios confirmados y mi saldo de BAT no aumento nada
Por Favor solucionen este problema

I had the same problem but a bit lucky, I just happened to miss one confirmation reward but you missed three, hope you get them. I have created this issue on dec and yet they haven’t resolved it for me.

Hi @Sjoslerid - can you share a screenshot of your graph? If the installs we’re confirmed in the past week, they will be counted towards the April payout, as there is a freeze period the first week of every month.

because my confirmations are not updated in the statistics table given that I am 18 and I only see 17 in the blue table and I do not see the bat increase, and for several days the table of the confirmed ones has not been updated @steeven @Asad help me!!

Hi @Goyoj10 - please see this post - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.

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