7 confirmed users but only 15 BAT pending payout?

hi friends!
Previous month I got 60 BAT with 7 confirmed referals…for July I have only 15 pending payout( the remaining 6 is from tips in my youtube channel) Why is that ? Can someone tell me? thank you !

Can anyone who has the same issue help me? Where is the support?

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As far as I know, those numbers are not reset every month, but an overall statistic.

So if you already have been paid for 7 referrals last month, you will not get paid again for those 7 confirmations.

Is there any information in your payout statement from last month? Maybe not all of your rewards were included in your last payout and that could be the reason why you received the remaining 15 BAT this month.

I might have misunderstood your question and I might be wrong about how those numbers work though.

Thanks for your reply! In my june statement there is payment of 60 bat for 4 referrals. Although i have 7confirmed. Who knows? Maybe the rest 3 will add ap later in the month

Hello, this issue is common and we all waiting for solution now.

i have the same issue i have 2 confirmed and i have only 6 euros in my account , i should have 10 right , i never took refund this is stat of my first month

Hello, have you noticed any changes?

I actually have one more user confirmed…so its another 20 BAT added. So its 41 BAT With 8 confirmed users…still i dont get it… i thought that every month we would have $5dollars in BAT passively for each confirmed user.

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yesterday i have 7,25 with 2 confirmed users, now i have 6.82 , can you help with that

Well, it is a fact that you will only get paid once for each of your refferals are confirmed, and you wont get $5 BAT every month passively for each one of them. That would be cool though but not likely to happen

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