The referral program stopped count any new confirmation


the referral program stopped count any new confirmation from 2days - normally i received 150 to 200 confirmation daily - any advice ?

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Brave dont pay for confirmed referrals! Why?
They add new confirmations on my account, but I don’t get BAT.
Why is this happening???


same problem here , new confirmations in my account and do not add to the balance, They should find out what happened because I already see many users with the same problem

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when this problem started in your account ?

since yesterday they confirmed me, they appear in the graph and in the confirmation statistics but the bats do not add to my balance

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i have the same problem


ta com 6928 bat e ainda quer mais… :smirk:

Hi all, if you haven’t already, please DM me the email linked to your accounts and we can take a closer look. Please note that the next payout is scheduled for the 8th. Any downloads confirmed during the first week of the month will be paid towards the following month’s settlement.

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But why are you adding July confiremed and not sending the bat?


steeven why did you close my topic if it concerns something else.
This topic is probably about new installations, you can see it after the photo “August2020”.
My topic was about confirmation of use (NOT INSTALLATION) from July

Hi guys,

Quick question: do we know if it works for mobile downloads (and use) as well as desktop downloads?
Or do we have to mention that this is only for desktop?
Thank you.

I have already read several people with the same problem to someone, the bats are already added, the confirmations go up, but not the bats

but do I credit you? because I see that you opened a thread more than 2 weeks ago

Nice thats so many BAT how did you get that.

Closing this thread as it’s related to an account suspension being addressed in a different thread.