Creating this topic for 4th time, please respond and clarify

For oct I received 55 BAT for 2 confirmations and again in Nov I received 56 BAT for 2 more confirmations, total confirmations are 7 and for 4 payouts is done, for the remaining three confirmations I should have around 82 BAT but I see only 46.33, so can you please explain what’s the issue ??
And this is not an issue of freeze week, it’s with respect to BAT rewards been sent to the publisher account


I’m sorry but I don’t think anybody will be able to help you with this description of the issue.

Unfortunately it is very hard to understand what you are doing and/or expecting; at least I do not know what you are trying to tell us, I’m sorry :frowning:

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It simply means the BAT rewards given at the starting and after few months is different, got it?

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Are you talking about Browser referrals?

Anyway, I’m just trying to be helpful and tell you that your chances of getting help might be better if you clearly describe your issue.

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When I have mentioned about confirmations it’s obviously about referrals and I think I have clearly explained in the first one about change in BAT rewards for the first 4 confirmations and last 3 confirmations.

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Well, I guess there’s a reason if your 4 topics didn’t get any replies. Just trying to be helpful, sorry, I’m not from BAT / Brave… maybe open another 2?

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I didn’t say I get any replies, the moderators and brave tech support do reply for every topic that is created but it wasn’t that clear for my problem and yes I know you are not from Brave support but thank you so much for trying to help :slight_smile:

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@Asad or @steeven can you please clarify me on this?

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BAT prices are high so less bat received confirmations are tied to usd
so you receive the bat equivalent for 5 potatoes
confirmations after first of the month are pushed to the nearest cycle

and it is hard to discern what is going on please update your post for a better resolution :neutral_face:

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Well can you tell me how many bat are given for one confirmation, please? My confirmations are so far for the previous rate that is 5 USD

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As you can see in the above pics, the first one are my statements for first two months, received 55 bat on Oct for 2 confirmations and again I received 56 bat for 2 confirmations. And as you can see in the third pic that my total confirmations are 7, so what I am asking is that for the remaining 3 confirmations I should at least have more than 55 bats but it’s displaying very less and I needed to know why

And also among that 46.33 bat which is displayed, 19 bat are from tip so that means for the last 3 confirmations I have only received 27.33 bat which is very very less

should be 20 potatoes for 5 usd as of now
i see INR so some bats were lost in conversion too
wait a while let others respond :neutral_face:

Sir, conversion loss takes place when I am transferring from my uphold account to some other not while bat rewards are given in the first place.

@SurajSuan04 it’ll be paid in BAT and following the BAT price at the time it paid. So for example:

  • if yesterday you have 1 confirmed and BAT price is 0.25 USD

5 USD / 0.25 = 20 BAT

  • if you have 2 confirmed today and BAT price is 0.5 USD

5 USD / 0.5 * 2 = 20 BAT

and in total you’ll receive 40 BAT for 3 confirmed referral.

And per October 1st, the price will follow the new rate

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Well, I don’t get this, if I have 1 confirmation I will have 20 BAT and for 2 confirmation I will still have 20? And in total for 3 confirmations I will have 40?? So, where is payment for 3rd one?
And even if that’s how it is, I have received only 27.33 BAT while the rest 19 BAT was from tip.

Hey @SurajSuan04, @eljuno is correct – some confirmations will earn you more BAT than others, based on their geographical region. Looking at your referrals chart, I can see you have at least one during the freeze period as well (Oct 4th).

Also, keep in mind we only pay for confirmations – I only see 2 on your dashboard at the moment, not 7 :frowning: Sorry for the confusion!

Yes sir, I agree that BAT rewards are based on geographical region but all my referrals are within India itself so there is no confusion about geographical region and in the dashboard you are seeing for the month of Oct and I am talking about overall confirmations.
I will make it simple, the BAT rewarded for first 4 confirmations are different compare to the present 3 confirmations and my question is why is there a difference in that ?

The referral rate changes based on geo region is a recent change. The ones you got before were before the change and that’s why you got paid out more for them. Hope that makes sense!