Bug on my referral confirmation not fixed yet

Support team i'm begging you please fix my account,i've post this issue several times but till now my referral confirmation not updating correctly. It show on my referral stat that i have 16 referral already use brave for 30 days, It should be added to my confirmed balance but i only got 4 added to my confirmed. I have this issue since August i have 6 but i only got 2 confirmed. I have screenshot proof of my referral that use brave for 30 days or please check my referral stat to see it for yourself https://brave.com/kvn413

And this day 2 is added to my confirmed balance but no BAT added to my balance. I'm wroking hard to promote brave  everyday so please help me support team to fix my account dashboard. Thank you i hope this will fixed asap.

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Hello, I took a look at your account. I’m not seeing any issues.

You have 28 confirmations total and 22 of those referrals have been paid out. You remaining 6 referrals which have been added to your balance.

Oct 11, 2019
25.971784136315209698 BAT

Oct 17, 2019
22.202594855305466244 BAT

Oct 21, 2019
23.012517038275081172 BAT

Oct 21, 2019
23.257398267515379736 BAT

Oct 22, 2019
23.510641518804085043 BAT

Oct 22, 2019
22.342297524922780708 BAT
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Thank you for your response sir. That’s right i have 22 confirmed already paid out, thats my earned from March to August and there are 6 added from September total of 28. But my issue is when i check my stats from September it shows that i have a total of 16 referral that completed 30 days use of brave not only 6. Please check my stat from September thank you. If this is right i have total of 38 confirmed not 28.

I have the same issue since August. I have 6 but only 2 is credited as confirmed…

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