And stillllll no answerrr to my problem

Can someonw explain this to me? Like what the! I compute my expected bat from the confirm referral using calculator and uphold, formula is GROUPS PRICE and Number of confirms take note this is only for 67 confirm nut my confirm is 71 and the bat is too small for that

Its possible that the additional 3 confirmations haven’t yet propagated and are thus not added to your overall balance yet. If it still says this at payout time, let us know.

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And yes but its also about the bat, look at the total of 67 confirm bat in uphold and look at the bat that i get. In the uphold 67 confirmations is 1.6k bat but i receive 1k+bat and yet the other 4 in confirm is in group 1 but my concern here is tha bat that i receive is not accurate to my calculation.

And I’m saying that it may take some time for confirmations to move through the system and that tomorrow – or maybe even later today – those changes will be reflected. If you still see the discrepancy in the upcoming week, let us know and we can take a closer look.

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Ok man thank you you are the best

1day later my confirm in ref. added 12more but my BAT is still the same

2days later and its still the same

Hey there, I need a little more information to properly investigate this. Can you share your referral code so I can take a deeper look? It’s also important to note that we pay out based off the current rate of BAT at the time of confirmation which can vary

Still waiting to this solution ill gonna wait 4 more days for this then go back again here if there is happen

Can you check your message pls?

See the difference,
last month only 79 were confirmed for the referral but i got 2.4k BAT, but this month 109 was confirmed for the referral but i only got 1.9k BAT even though the price of the bat last month and this month in cryto market website or UPHOLD is not much different

Need your help right now? Can you please check it?

@eljuno check this thread please

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@steeven can you please check this?

5days of no reply the support team of this community is not doing their job

Well they don’t work on weekends so technicaly 3 days.

Actually there are going on other main issues so maybe they are a bit overloaded. Hope they re-attentend you issue the most soon as possible.

Nope they just dont like to answer and solve my problem thats all.

@steeven @Mattches @cory and still you guys not interested to my problem

Its been a week since your last reply to me hehe im still waiting