Why I cant take my whole Rewards?

You send fewer bats than I earned each month. I really dont understand why can you guys tell me why?

I will tell you what I saw and how I see it, many times I made certain accumulations during the month, to end up receiving much less than what I generated, leaving the remaining balance as earnings for the next month. Among all that, I saw that usually the last 3 or 4 days are not computed as the “current month” that should be charged but they are carried over to the next month or at least that’s what I perceived taking notes since I had the same doubt… the reason? Who knows?


seems about right. that is what I am noticing as well.

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Thanks for writing in.

When a new month begins, the display value of the current earnings will reset, and you will now see a countdown that tells you when your BAT earnings over the previous month will be arriving (for example, “+0.02 BAT arriving in 5 days”).

The estimated earnings you’re seeing up until this point have included these BAT that were not yet reconciled — so when your final payout balance for the month is calculated, its a mismatch between what was estimated and what is actually earned.

It basically means that you earned from it, but the ads aren’t reconciled by the time the payment period starts. So for example, if you earn .05 BAT at the end of the payment period, that BAT may take a couple days to be reconciled (maybe “processed” is an easier to understand term) — which means it doesn’t actually count towards what you earned this month and you’ll instead earn it next month.

Hope this helps.


On April 30, 2022 I had a balance of 11.132 BAT on one device. On 5/1/2022 that balance was showing 10.895 with only 0.263 BAT arriving. Why didn’t the entire 11.132 transfer? Until this month, I’ve only been getting 50% transferred. This is the lowest yet. I have 3 devices and I’m seeing the same thing on each.


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