Not receive full BAT payout?

Hi @steeven, I know it’s your job to help in this domain.

I want to understand something.

I receive to uphold my March payout this morning (0.325BAT) for one of my two profiles.

In my estimated pending rewards I have 0.690 BAT (for full March and April) and 25 ads just for April. (how much for March ?)

0.690-0.325=0.365 BAT

Why estimated pending is not more detailed ? (with number of ads for one month and keeping saved the previous number)
And why uphold note is empty ?

On android, the balance is up to date immediatly for less confusion.


My main profile has been blocked from 13/03 to 5/04 for suspicious activities. Payout isn’t done for it. I continue to accumulate from the 6 but it has an issue for not paid in the same time that the first profile ? You’re calculating missed viewed ads between 13 and 5 ?


See soon.

Hi @Mysteryo, steeven just answered me on the question…

…on my thread:

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My bill of February is always empty. :smiley:

It’s good to be upbeat :slight_smile:
May I ask, has your suspension been cleared, or still under review?

Matcches has manually unflagged my profile the 5/04. I don’t know more. I ask him why my account has been blocked but no answer for instant.

Upbeat yeah, I’m new user after all, perhaps my navigation habits are different to the others.

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I just received all my BATs…it seems
you have to wait a bit :v:t6:


I’m new, too, and I think it definitely adds to being upbeat… and not so much that it’s different, more like a breath of fresh air :smiley:

I hope you get everything cleared up and going again soon :crossed_fingers:

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