BAT missing- Not deposited into uphold account

@steeven My rewards were showing $13ish pending rewards, as it never paid into my uphold account last month. This month on the pay date, it dropped down to $4ish pending, but nothing was deposited into my uphold account. I also never received any email to say it had been deposited. Where would my payment have gone? Thanks

Same here, there was nothing deposited from ad viewing into my uphold account for 2 months now,

Hello all, please see - Update on Estimated Ads Earnings, and Payments not depositing to Uphold


@Aa-ron I read the update, but my problem is I never even had a claim button pop up so I could press it. The BAT just disappeared, without me doing anything. Will it still be paid in soon?

@Aa-ron Apparently payments have been completed. I STILL don’t see anything in my account, but the BAT disappeared from the pending rewards. What can be done about this please?

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