BAT estimate vastly different from payout

Hmm. This has never happened to me before. And is kinda strange. There are 3 values that dont even remotely match up from earned BAT in october.

So Before it reset for the new month, I had 6.3 something in my reward panel (no screen from that). Then after reset It shows 5.89/estimate will arrive.
And now I got something incoming to Uphold that quite frankly is concerning.

How is it possible to recalculate and miss 2 whole BAT. This cant be right. What happened there?

It is things like that why people go back to chrome etc and be thinking there is some shady stuff going on in the background. Are you deducting BAT from earnings because the it went up in value or something?

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How many devices do you have verified with your Uphold account at this time?

  1. 1 Android and 1 Windows. But my android only got 2 something bat if I remember correctly. Can you check maybe? And the way it always was past the last year, android payments came in almost 1 day later.

That is why Iā€™m asking ā€“ this appears to be only one of the payments from one device and the rest of your payment has not yet been processed/gone through.

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Yep. Well, I guess I will wait until 2nd one came through und give an update.

Okay. All looks good. Seems it was my Android this time coming in first. And the payout was higher than estimated :smiley:

But it still is vastly different. from 6.3 to 5.98 to finally 8.25.


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