I've followed all the tips on this page but still don't get Brave Ads


Hello 9999,

You need to provide more information than just the title and posting a link. Thus:

  1. I assume you’re on Windows 10.
  2. What’s your Brave browser version?
  3. Does your region fall under and of the supported regions on https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026361072?

Version 1.26.77

I was getting ads on my PC before. I still get them on my phone, which is in the same sync chain as this PC. That means I’m in a supported region.

Just to make sure, you did check under Common Reasons for not seeing Ads to make sure that none of those applied, correct?

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My wallet doesn’t seem to be marked fraudulent, I’m not on a VPN, notifications are on, I dont get ads whether or not I’m in full screen mode or am playing media, focus assist is off, I don’t have a gaming mouse, I haven’t changed browser state files, or backed up or restored my profile.

Strange. It is entirely possible that your ads settings got changed somehow. Can you go to brave://rewards and click on that to see, just in case?

Also, if you wouldn’t mind, can you see if you get ads on a new profile in Brave or in a different skew of Brave (Nightly/Beta)?

My settings haven’t changed, I reinstalled Brave, and I’m still not getting ads in my main profile, but I’m getting BAT for sponsored images in a new profile. Haven’t seen ads in it yet.

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