No Ads on desktop

Hi all,

I have been using Brave for roughly a month now and I am very happy with the browser. One issue I have been having is that on my desktop I am not receiving ads or the sponsored pictures on the home page. I am wondering how I can fix this, I have tried toggling the rewards and nothing has changed. Thanks in advance.

The adds on pc appears as a Windows notification. If your using Win10, it’s as any other notification.

Be sure you have notifications on, and turn off the “no not disturb mode” or things like that.

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Those are all turned on. I get them on my laptop but not on my pc, which is very weird. and along with that I don’t get the sponsored images on the home screen either.

If you don’t have any amount in your right browser wallet then you have nothing to lose. First of all uninstall the brave browser from your PC and then download the it again and install it.

You should have new apps working on your newly installed Brave browser.

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Really ? I have the same problem…

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I will try reinstalling the browser and see what happens and fill you in!

I will try it out. I really didn’t want to do that and lose the BAT I have but I’m not seeing any other options sadly.

sadly this did not work

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