I am not getting ad notification on work pc or home pc

I am not getting ad notifications. I have brave:rewards enabled and set to 5 per hour. I have not seen 1 ad notification on either my work pc or my home pc since at least the beginning of this month.

What would be a good next step? Thanks for any help you can provide. I am not going to lie the BAT is nice but i would use the Brave Browser with or without but that BAT is nice plus.

thanks for you assistance

Hi welcome to the Brave community

Based on your location,
Based on your interest,
Based on the time you spend with the Brave browser,
Ads notificetion will be appear.

Make sure the ads are available in your country

Use the latest version Brave browser

Make sure - Notification - Brave - turn on

Brave Ads FAQ


If your problem is the Brave notification on windows (don’t show) run this simple tool: https://www.bennish.net/web-notifications.html and everything will be ok.

Can’t really speak for the work computer because there is no telling what restrictions your employer has put in place using group policies.

As for your home computer, just give it time. I am not sure of the rate in which ads are supposed to show but sometimes I go a day or two without seeing ads.

I was able to figure it out. I had turned off notifications from all things and didn’t add Brave to the allow list. It is now working on both my work computer and home computer.

thanks for everyone’s help

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