Contacted UpHold about BAT not transferring to my UpHold Wallet after verification


I contacted UpHold support about my BAT not transferring to my UpHold wallet after verification. They informed me that all of my BAT (118.5 BAT) would transfer to my UpHold wallet on the next Brave Rewards token grant (Today).

I received this month’s grant of (33 BAT) as a deposit into my UpHold wallet today. However, the original 118.5 BAT that I was told would also be transferred today, did not.

Brave Rewards tab/button currently shows a balance of 151.9 BAT, while UpHold wallet shows balance of 33 BAT.

Hi @ztickman - is the remaining BAT that has not yet transferred from Referrals and Tips, or from viewing Ads? If the former, then it should process with the Rewards payout on the 8th. The Ads payout is what took place yesterday.

The 118.5 BAT was from viewing ads prior to the payout yesterday.

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