BAT won't transfer to uphold

hi, i have 136.5 rewards and i am unable to send them to my uphold wallet. i got paid yesterday for last month’s ads but these BAT that i have held since september have never been able to be transferred. how do i solve this?

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Hi @spacemambo - thanks for writing in. Can you send a screenshot of your rewards panel? Is the BAT from referrals?

my rewards screen and my uphold dashboard

@steeven what am i to do

I had the same problem with my payments, Brave was supposed to send me 114 bats, but they didn’t send them to me.

received a payment of just .25 BAT out of 136.8 from rewards this morning

helloooooooooooooooo can i get some help pls

Hi @spacemambo - is the BAT from referrals, ads, grants or tips? Can you confirm that you’re on the latest version?

@spacemambo I wonder if your issue is related to the 3-wallet limit on the two-way wallet feature.

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@steeven they’re all from rewards, currently up to date on version 1.4.96

Pretty sure this is a known issue - here’s a thread where I reported the same: Another issue of Brave with BAT but not showing on verified Upload wallet

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Hi @spacemambo - @AngelRamirez is correct, it looks like you’ve been impacted by this known bug - Bug Notice: BAT disappearing from balance after upgrade to Brave v1.3.

I think you’re right. Updated to latest browser and STILL not working

issue resolved, BAT transferred to uphold. thank you everyone :slight_smile:

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