I received only half of my earned BATs

I just received 13.3 BAT tokens into my Uphold account. I was expecting to receive my total balance of 23.63 BAT instead of decreased 13.3 BAT.

  1. I want to know why tokens are decreased?

  2. i tipped my YouTube channel 2 times August (14.250 BAT) and September (8.500 BAT) , so in total 22.75 BAT.

But YouTube rewards card in uphold account still shows the balance $0. Why?

Please see the attachments


Welcome to Brave Community!

This month you’ll only receive the BATs which you earned in previous month.

Earned BATs in this month will be transferred to uphold in upcoming month.


Remaining balance was earned in August (previous month). Now it is September.
Besides, i haven’t received any BAT from referral

Publisher/Referrals payout is still in process, you’ll soon receive your rewards.

For more info visit this thread :-


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