I get ads from brave, but no rewards!

Description of the issue: I get pop ups, from brave, to different sites with different products. and if in beginning i was getting some rewards, now i’m not getting any! After having earned 0.5 BAT, which is like 0.12$, in the passed two weeks i have had at least 6 ads pop up, but the rewards statement hasn’t changed!

Expected result: Give the rewards that i was not given, for watching the ads I was, and tell me how this can be changed, so I dont watch these ads for free.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Check your region and campaign.

Sometimes no. of ads = BAT token. The value of ad fluctuates. For more information check this thread.

For more information check Brave Help Page.

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And what am i supposed to see here exactly? My country is Russia, number of active campaigns: 1

I dont understand what info this gives me. Im not talking about low frequency of ads. Im talking about the fact, that whenever ads do pop up, i dont get any rewards for them

You are not rewarded instantly for being served ads. They are paid out on a monthly basis, on the 5th of every month. If you go to Settings --> Brave Rewards you should see what your estimated earnings will be for the month:


Here. Considering the fact that I just had an ad pop up 20-30 minutes ago, and another ad just yesterday, yet i still have zero estimated earnings. And no, i didnt earn anything last month either, although the ads did pop up several times.

Thanks for the information. Would you mind checking and sharing your 7-day ads history page with us here?

@Mattches where do i find that?

Open your Rewards Panel --> Rewards Settings

Then on your Rewards Settings page, go to Ads --> 7-day Ads history

Well After the latest update 1.11.97.
My brave ads are showing(asusual) but not counting in the rewards tab?
Got stuck in 283 ads - 14.400 BAT

No matter how many ads i watch it still shows the same.
Solve this issue ASAP.

Solve what issue? Do you have any funds (BAT) in your Uphold wallet at this time?

That’s not necessary…

Then how I got 283 ads ? With 0 Bat in Wallet

BAT earned is deposited into your verified Uphold account on a monthly basis (the 5th of each month, to be exact). It will not be reflected in you wallet UI until then. You can, however, see how much will be there by looking at the Estimated pending rewards.

That’s what I’m saying bro…
Estimated pending rewards freezed at 284 ads.
I’m getting new ads but it still shows 283. It’s not updating…

Previously month I had 400 ads(26 Bat)…
Suddenly one day it showed 370 ads(24.5) decreased. Idk why & how it happened :expressionless:

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