Are windows notifications the complete ads?

Trying to use Brave rewards in Win 10 - the ads show as notifications, clicking on them does nothing. And I am getting no credit for clicking.

So much hoopla about Brave Rewards, is it fundamentally this poor or am I missing something? I’ve been using about 3 weeks, so it is apparently not a bug as it would have been fixed by now.

Thanks for reaching out, @5f0892b09336a481f40c

IIRC, we’ve an issue logged for this – ads not opened when clicked via notification manager.

You should be rewarded for viewing ad notifications as they appear in Brave.

@5f0892b09336a481f40c Can you please provide the details?

  1. Which country you live in?
  2. Is rewards enabled in brave?
  3. Can you please provide the ads screenshot


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