I can't receive ads

I have updated the brave browser, I can’t receive ads
And my wallet was verified but after updated the browser it shows "a minimum balance of 25 BAT is required to verify "
and Sir I have already verified account on uphold.com and connected to brave rewards

**Brave Version
1.10.94, Chromium 83.0.4103.106
Mobile Device details Samsung
Galaxy J2
Model number : SM-J200G Build/LMY47X
Android version : 5.1.1

You need to accumulate 25 BAT and have it on your brave:rewards wallet before you able to connect it to Uphold.

why my balance is not shown in wallet
but my balance is shown in estimated pending rewards

That’s not yet in your wallet. Will be paid next July 6th.

I can’t receive ads from last 4 days

one month have gone but 30 bat tokens not transferred to the to my uphold.com account
my wallet is verified
and I have 9 bat in publishers.basicattentiontoken.org
why haven’t been transferred to uphold.com account

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