BAT payment/Android wallet verification

No verify option for Brave rewards on Android. (Samsung s7 edge)

Failed to receive estimated BAT on the 5th of February. (Date has changed to the 5th of March) Update: Received BAT on the 6th.

If anyone can offer advice or solutions to these issues, it would be much appreciated.


I have the same problem on my computer and my smartphone (Samsung s9 edge).


Wallet verification is only available for desktop. Mobile support is coming.

For now, it’ll be sent to your in-browser wallet. You should get a notification to claim your earning via BAT triangle icon at URL bar @Gr8Chase.


And for those who have this same problem on computer, how to do? @eljuno

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I have the same problem. I clicked the bat triangle and nothing useful appeard on screen

No Idea why BAT are not being transferred from by Browser wallet to my Uphold Wallet.

Brave Ads is not available on my country, so I’m not sure about that @AlexK @Braag. If you have your Uphold account connected (on desktop) before 31st of previous month, it should be automatically deposited to your Uphold account in the next payout.

But if you still have an issue, feel free to see February 2020 Ads Payout Megathread

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