I can't reach VmWare ESXi web interface

Hi dears.

One I updated to the last relase of Brave I can’t connect with the web interface of my VmWare ESXi server.

On systems where I use others browser or Brave is not updated yet, I can connect with no problems.

Now, when I try to connect, I accept the advertise about certificate and just I click on address link of the server, nothing happens. Only appears at the bottom of the screen chrome-error://webdata#.

What can I do? I’m very unhapy to have to use other wrowser because I’m so happy with brave.

Hi @Petitet,
I see your other topic : Downgrade to a previous version

Before considering downgrading Brave, can you try accessing the site but with all cookies allowed enabled.

If that does not work can you try with Shields down.

Hi Aa-ron

Thanks by your answer.

I’m sorry to tell you that it was the first test that I did.

I download the last released published in github as you kindly suggested me and now I can connect again with my ESXi.

In conclussion, in my case I have no problems with any release of brave except Brave V 1.10.97. Previous and lastest releases runs ok.

Thanks so much

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