I can't connect to the brave website

Whenever I try to access brave.com to download the brave browser it gives me an error on Google Chrome that the site can’t be reached my Internet connection is all good what steps should I take to correct this problem thank you

Have you tried to clear the cache? Then do you need a reflink to install the Brave browser? I can give you mine. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rolak, yes I did clear my dns cache but still it didn’t work it seems I can’t connect to www.brave.com, how can I download the brave browser? and thank you for your help

Hi @umair1. I DM-ed you my reflink. Try with it. Lets hope will be the right thing.

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Hi Rolak I didnt receive any DM?

Rolak when I try to connect to brave.com from a different browser it gives me an error message that “the website as outdated or unsafe TLS security settings.If this keeps happening, try contacting the websites owner”

This case is for @eljuno

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Hello @umair1,

That strange. I’ve no issue on my end – tried with Chrome and Firefox. I would try with Incognito or Guest window to see if it’s still an issue.

But if you want to quickly download Brave, you can grab the installer here https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases/tag/v1.4.95

BraveBrowserSetup.exe (for x64) and BraveBrowserSetup32.exe (for Win32) will fetch and install the latest available version.

Installer for macOS and instructions for Linux also available there.


@umair1 I just verified it as well. Brave site works fine on my end too just like @eljuno.

Could you try resetting your router? Just turn off your internet router for a few seconds, maybe even a minute, then turn it on and try again. Seems like your situation is ISP related. Just my opinion.

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Hello again @umair1. I’m back. Maybe brave is stopped by your antivirus/malware or firewall. Turn off those and try to connect at brave.

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Yes Rolak it appears that you maybe right however I just used the link provided by @eljuno to download the brave browser and I have succesfully downloaded it,I would like to thank you for your help.

@eljuno thank you for providing the link I have succesfully downloaded the brave browser, thank you very much.

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Hello @umair1. Pleasure to help. As the last thing give a try. Try to connect to brave.com from one of your browsers and lets see if have resolved your problem.

No Rolak I still can’t connect to www.brave.com using the brave browser however I’m able to connect using the tor browser in brave.

Have disconnected your antivirus/malware and firewall? If not give a try without those. Only to see if are those the problem.

No Rolak I tried it, it’s still not working

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