I can't click on uphold wallet on my phone to claim rewards

Hello, I’d like to withdraw my 12.5 BAT rewards (from ads) on my phone browser.
I usually have my uphold wallet linked to my desktop browser.
I disconnected my desktop browser to uphold to try and link it to my browser in my android phone (don;t ask why I just thought it was logical at this stage).

Well on my android I have my earnings + my balance BUT when I click verify wallet here’s what happen:
1 - I have a message saying verify is optional I click continue
2 - the overlay with just Uphold as a choice appear (weird no? where is gemini?)
3 - I click on uphold nothing happens…

I’m stuck…can someone help me?

If you have not completed Uphold KYC, do that first. You can check to see if your Uphold account is verified in your Uphold profile. It will show a verified date at the bottom. It sounds like you have been using Uphold with your desktop, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Just want to make sure I’m understanding correctly.

If your Uphold account is verified, try the steps in the below link. May not work but worth a shot. Community members who did this successfully were getting error messages. It is weird that no message is displayed and nothing happens.

Gemini for Android is just being implemented. It is currently on the Nightly version so shouldn’t be long before it is available for Release version.

Thanks I will try. I’m a verified account yes.

Same instructions just more a step-by-step:

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