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Iam using brave from Android I verified my uphold wallet. How can I transfer my BAT tokens to my uphold account?

click on the triangle icon (BAT icon) and click on verify wallet
then click on “continue to login”
// make sure you have a verified uphold account//

Yeah I have done all that. Doubt is that did rewards automatically transfer to uphold wallet?

yes the reward will get transferred to your uphold wallet

I am new to Brave. Setup on my desktop and it is working properly. I created and verified a Gemini wallet.

Was happy with the process, so I loaded the Brave browser on my Android phone. Specifically, I loaded the “Brave Private Browser”. I do not have the “Brave Browser (Beta)” or the “Brave Browser (Nightly)” loaded.

I have looked at a number of ads on my phone, but I do not see any BAT showing up. I realize I need to get to 25 BAT to verify my wallet, but I’m stuck at Zero.

Three questions for the group.

  1. Any idea how to overcome being stuck at Zero BAT on my Android Phone even after looking at ads?

  2. It appears that the Gemini Wallet is not yet available for Brave Rewards on Android. Does this mean I have to create an Uphold wallet specifically for the Android based BAT?

  3. Is there an expectation to get the Gemini Wallet as an option on the Android based Brave Rewards system?



In Android it doesn’t show ur present rewards in the upper triangle. They will be updates in a month. If you want to see ur present tokens then u should deep dive into the settings and then to rewards there it shows ur present tokens and no.of adds u have received.

I think they are not going to add gemini in Android so quickly.

U can create an uphold account in uphold website and login from ur browser with out any BAT. :grin:

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