Claiming BAT rewards

I used to have an uphold account but for some reason they closed my account I don’t really know why but they did and on the desktop browser when I had my laptop I was able to verify and connect the brave browser wallet to my Gemini account however for the mobile browser wallet it only allows you to verify with uphold. So how do I access or get the reward bat tokens into my brave wallet on mobile browser can you only be done through verifying? And does anybody know if they are going to connect the Gemini wallet to the mobile browser verification?

Gemini support for Android is currently being worked on. For now, accumulated BAT will remain in your browser wallet.

In the browser when I select the BAT logo icon it shows that I have a balance for the rewards earned however when I go into the actual brave wallet on the browser the balance doesn’t show up so where exactly are these tokens being stored cause they’re not in in my actual wallet and how do I get them into the actual wallet turn it only be done I guess through verifying uphold or Gemini whenever that time comes. So I guess what I’m saying is that the only way you can move the bat reward tokens that you earned around is to have it verified otherwise they are just stuck in the browser and you can’t access them or anything

That is correct — until your wallet is verified they will remain in your local browser wallet. You can use these BAT to tip/contribute your favorite verified Creators but you may not withdraw them.

As stated before, we are working to have Gemini support for Android devices available in future updates. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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