I cannot log into Betfair site

Just downloaded and installed Brave browser yesterday. I can’t log into the Betfair exchange. When clicking in the username box on the betfair site, I can’t get the flashing vertical line indicating I can type in it.

Just noticed none of the links are functional on the betfair site.

If I can’t log into Betfair then this browser is no good for me. I’ll be uninstalling.

Interestingly it works on odd occasions, but no idea what’s different on those occasions. Trying a private window doesn’t help at all.

@Gambler The site works. There is a “lag” and all put in, it’s something it does to try to discourage adblock on their sites, essentially to mimic as if it’s broken. Anyway, I toyed with settings a lot and the best option that I encountered was to turn off Scripts. If you toggle ON the option that says Scripts Blocked it was able to quickly and efficiently load the site, let me click on stuff, etc. I’m not sure if they have anything there that could get broken from it, but I seemed to be able to navigate through it all with no issues.

Otherwise, I just was having to wait up to 30 seconds before the site was allowing me to click on things like the Username boxes and all. But regardless it was always coming up.

Hi, yes, I’ve just noticed that before reading your response. Basically it just takes a long time to load I think.

Also once I’m logged in there’s no further issues.

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