Does not Work Properly with TWO Sites

FYI Not a huge problem but I have found a couple of websites that Brave will not load properly. One is unfortunately my online banking service (Bank of the Philippine Islands). The other is my telecoms and broadband supplier (Globe Telecom PH).

Did you tried with Brave Shields Off?

I tried that. It has helped. I lI log into the BPI site it opens OK. If I then press the logon button it changes the link in address box and the tries to go to the Logon Page but fails.

If I then delete a lot of the gubbins at the end of the link in the address box and press enter, it then goes to the Login Page without problems. So at Least I can log into my Online Bank Account using Brave now. N.B. I have no problems on this site if I access it using Vivaldi.

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