I really need help with re-launching my Brave Browser

Hello fellow Brave Community, so here is as it goes. I opened up multiple tabs on my Brave Browser and suddenly it started lagging and led me to this blank screen and since then I’ve been unable to close this black screen. Even when I shut my PC off and turn it back on, the blank screen is still there with a message saying as the following, “Access denied/ visionviral.com used Cloudfare to restrict hotlinking”. Please if anyone could they take some time off of their day and help a fellow Brave user out? P.S. because of this issue my computer has been lagging a bit so I would greatly appreciate if somebody helped me out. :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

A few thoughts, maybe it is a virus of some sort. Have you ran a system scan? Second, do you have rewards on your brave profile? If not you could simply uninstall and reinstall brave. But if you have rewards they could be lost. Lastly what I would try is clearing all cache and cookies upon exit. Go to your history and change the on exit options to clear everything, except passwords.

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