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Description of the issue:

Hello, few days ago I noticed, that stop working on brave and its unuseable. It can load only main page but it’s broken anyway. For example I can’t see anything in the menu on the left side and also I can’t see anything after clicking on any event. Basically it just incompletely load main page but thats all I get, I can’t use this website on brave desktop.
On the other browsers (chrome, firefox, opera, edge,…) it works normally and even on my phone it works with brave, however on desktop brave doesnt work with bet365.

How can this issue be reproduced?
No, even after turning off all shields problem still occurs.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.33.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hello @james0071 ,

I have tried this many times, even private window and my second laptop, result is always the same. Only way I can load pages normally is using devtools and toggle device toolbar, however with using this I am getting kick (logged out) in few minutes after login, I think they have some detection of hasLiedOs etc…

Sure, shields disabled, I have many profiles on brave, but as I said it dont work even in private window, same with new clean profile. Other browsers worked well.

However for no reason it started work again (just in case of their menu).

Anyway that was suspicious, because it didnt worked at same time on complete different desktop device also just on brave, other browsers always worked.

Is in brave something, how their can detect I am using brave or do you have any explanation why it didnt worked just on brave on different desktop devices?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Now same problem occurs again:

I have noticed, they shut up brave always while some free bet offer(for example today kempton £5 free bet) and also last £5 free bet for horse racing. The brave was working yesterday at 11PM, then stopped working after midnight and started to work just once last kempton race finished. :clown_face: . Otherways its working all day everyday except offer days.

This is workaround and I can reproduce the error:

When the error occurs

  1. Remove the cookies for bet365
  2. Restart browser.
  3. Bet365 works again UNTIL
  4. If I login and place a bet the error appears again. If I don’t place a bet and just login. All good
    5.Back to point 1 if I place a bet.

I have no problems with Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge on the desktop.

Yes, same for me. But this is due to canvas fingerprint blocking. Did you also noticed that sometimes just on Brave the menu is not visible? @auser

Which menus?

For those of you who have tried Bet365 with VPN and basically gets a blank screen due to bet365 blocking VPN addresses. This gives basically the same result but without VPN activate.

@auser I mean left side menu on desktop version, like my screenshot here probably detects brave - #7 by mafianekcek

After I place a bet I get this.I can restart brave, same thing. Only workaround that works is the steps I mentioned above.

2022-01-22_11-15-04 bet365

Removing these files and reload bet365 page works.

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