Web page I use every day suddenly refuses to open on Brave, yet opens on all other browsers

I use Bet365.com every day and have done for over 20 years. My Mac is set to open previous tabs when I start up but today everything bar Bet365 loaded. Message “Aw, Snap !”. I click on the message then try all the possible fixes in order. Nothing works apart from opening in a new private window which is not what I want to do. I cleared my cache and cookies then tried again “Unresponsive page” then “Aw, Snap!” again. Bet365 say they have no technical problems. “Is it down” say the site is reachable by them. “Down Detector” No problems with bet 365. Firefox loads fine. Safari loads fine. Brave “Aw, Snap!” I have been trying for 10 hours now and it will not load on Brave. Please Help !!!

Loading for me on Brave, have you installed any extensions lately?

I installed Adguard yesterday but when they tried to charge me I uninstalled it right away.

I just uninstalled AdBlock Ultimate, which I have used for at least 6 months, and Bet365 loaded. It seems solved, I’ll have to find an Adblocker that doesn’t mess with it now.

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