I am unable to claim my Brave rewards. The rewards have been continuously in the pending stage since two months

As you can see from the screenshot attached. My brave rewards are still in the pending stage even after to months. They are not coming into my account. Pls help

wait until Tuesday and then report it again. Since rewards are not done processing and tomorrow’s a national holiday in the US, it’s possible any reports posted before the process is done will be disregarded.

When did you verified browser with uphold?

Same here, its been 2 months and i didn’t get the rewards send to my uphold. Though the BAT from my other computers and phone has been sent.

Oh My God. Brave is now cheating not only giving my rewards. It has suddenly made my bats disappear. My God see the previous screenshot I posted and see the screenshot after this message. What is going on?

Someone pls let me know what to do. brave team is someone there. How do I ping brave team

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So many days back. I already got a payout once.

Solution mile to batana bhai mera claim ni hora phone me error aa raha hai

Google translator :- If you get the solution, tell me my claim, me is getting an error in the phone.

Waiting for the solution no one has told me what to do.

Someone please help from the support team

Have not received any BAT for 2 months and today around 30 BAT vanished.
Similar problems are happening every single month… they are starting to do very sketchy stuff.

Did you reach out to any brave support

Hi @chintu11 - did you end up receiving your payout? Was confused by “So many days back. I already got a payout once.” Thanks in advance.

i didnt get my bats for 2 months too and a lots of bats disappeared for me as well!!!

Please see - Update on Estimated Ads Earnings, and Payments not depositing to Uphold.

Sir. The problem is previously I have received bats and they were deposited in my wallet from which I transferred hem to my uphold. but from the last two moths thought bats are accumulating they are still being in the pending stage even after the month completes. And after every month it just increases the payout date to next month but the bats are not shown to claim. And in this process suddenly a few days back my bats show in the ending stage that used to be 29 changed to 21 without being claimed.

This does not have a solution to my problem pls read my reply.

Hi @chintu11, as highlighted in the post linked above, you will be paid out for that remaining BAT this month.

It has been two months but still, there is no transfer. How do you expect me to think I get it this month

Chill dude, brave is planning for another payout day in this month. So that’s why he’s sure abt this time.

You mentioned I will be paid out but I have been scammed. All my above screenshots show that my bats have been continuously disappearing and you are not at all answering me for that. Now all of a sudden as you said my 20 bats would get deposited . but now all are gone. It shows only one. How is this the right way to deal with the users of the brave by tricking them to use and cheating them. Really feeling very bad for this experience by brave.Screenshot (653)