Where is my rewards?

So I’ve tried to contact Brave about this and no replied but I am going to state this incase anyone else has gone through this same problem. If you have feel free help out.

I’ve been using this browser since end of January when a friend recommended it me. Since then my Brave browser said I had received a total of 5 BAT from using Brave and that it would pay me out on the March 5th. So I waited, I never got my BAT and I thought well maybe it’ll come the next day. A few days later after March 5th I was paid out 2.7 BAT on Uphold and thought it was odd and that maybe its just an estimate of what you earn on the Brave rewards and not the actual reward.

After a week later my 2.7 BAT was withdrawn from my uphold account and my total gains of 5 BAT were erased…
I’ve tried to contact Brave on Twitter and no one replied its been about a week since this reply I sent out and now its 18th and still no one has gotten back to me.

If i can get some help from customer support or have a tech support to talk to that would be appreciated.

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