Didn't receive my rewards for two consecutive months with verified uphold wallet

I opened my account in February I got my rewards in March then I linked my brave with my verified wallet then I didn’t receive my rewards for the months after that (May and June). Can anyone help.

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Don’t worry sir You will have your rewards deposited to your account for sure it happened to me too but u will get your BAT back

Thanks for your reply.

Just wanted to check out the issue.

I got the same problem for like 3 months but i didn’t get bat on my account … @cryptooz

Yep, 2-3 months. It is hanging in the browser, but not visible in uphold.

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Yes! I have the same issue. Moreover, till May 5, I had 4 BAT and after May 6 I just had 2 BAT showing up. My auto contributions are off neither it was added to my Uphold account as there was no “Claim Rewards” button from last month.

I got my payments for the last two months.


Good to hear that. It provides hope for others.

It’s been 3 months now for me on 1 of 3 browsers. Ca. 40BAT involved.

I have been using brave for months and I have never gotten any rewards and I have never received any help no matter how many times I have received out to support.

really sad to hear that. Hopefully the matter will be resolved soon enough.

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My last payment to Uphold was February. Nothing since then, just accumulating BAT in my browsers. Month after month never get payments to Uphold. Reached out to support and received compensation, but still this issue affects so many users and never gets fixed. I bet if all users disabled ads in brave and they lose revenue a solution will quickly be found.

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Great to hear @blackrow!