I am reading about brave before install so what are protections in basic brave

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  1. I want to know before installing basic or free brave without the firewall and VPN what are the protections? I am reading on bing home page and artical said 5 reasons to ditch chrome for the brave browser. So i read it and the guy says it has so many protections compaired to firefox chrome and the chart brave blocked everything and these 2 only protected against 1 of the 10 things brave said was better. then i read on your site there is the paid version with firewall and vpn. so the artical did not mention at all if he was using the paid version or the free version to get the better results for brave. so i want to know how much better is brave verses bing and chrome? thanks im not to technical at all so explain so i can decide to get this brave if it will keep me safer online thanks

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well i guess i have to answer my own question. When i go to home page it says and shows how much better brave is than the other browsers. But I am wandering why from reading all the different problems people are having. I dont know if this will be hassle free or a big neadache something not working right like once a week. So on the home page it shows how much better brave is. Is that with the free version or the paid version? so i can transfer all bookmarks and passwords. when transfering the bookmarks will it also get all my passwords to or how do i transfer my passwords? thanks for any answers

These are new. It used to be VPN was on iPhone only and then they added for Android. VPN and Firewall is not yet available on Desktop but it should be available soon. What you were reading would most likely just have been the default Brave browser using Brave Shields.

Unfortunately we don’t know what articles you’re talking about or anything. You’d have to contact whoever wrote it to inquire more on all of that.

If you’re talking about this site, because this is a support site where people come to resolve issues. If you look at the number of topics compared to the millions of daily active users, the issues are quite small.

Free version. Just to let you know, all that the paid version does is provide VPN which helps to hide your IP address from websites. Firewall, I’m not sure about as typically firewalls on our devices and all are enough. But the firewall would just help prevent viruses and trackers from getting to your device.

Yes, you can. I see you put Windows so I’m assuming you’re talking desktop. Android doesn’t have a way to import so you would have to import them to something like a desktop and then Sync your Android with it. In other words, extra steps and a bit annoying if Android device.

Well, whichever browsers you’re using, you would go to your settings and choose to Export them. So create one for your Password and one for your Bookmarks. Then you’d come over to Brave and you’d go to settings and choose to Import. For bookmarks it would be at brave://settings/people and Passwords would be at brave://settings/passwords where you’d see three dots (hamburger menu it’s called) and the option to Import


thanks for the info Saoiray. I will transfer like u said. I been on a few softwear download sites and they all just talk about brave on windows 10. I have windows 11 work here to? I read where brave will come all set up for best protection. or do i have to go into settings and just to make sure its set up right. What I been reading it helps me to be more private and secure online and block any bad sites that will be nice change from crome and edge tracking me for adverstising ads.

Yes, Windows 11 works as well. Just make sure you’re downloading from the official source, which is https://brave.com/download/

Most of everything should work fine just as it is. You may need to change settings as you go, but I wouldn’t worry too much on it.

Probably only thing to be concerned about is if you’re going to have Brave Rewards going. When you go to brave://rewards you’ll see option to turn on Brave Private Ads and then if you scroll down a bit, is an option for Auto-Contribute. By default, Auto-Contribute is on and set to automatically contribute 1 BAT each month (I think it’s 1 BAT, might be little more). If left on, it will pull that BAT out of your monthly earnings to go towards Content Creators and all. If you don’t want to do that, then you’ll want to make sure to turn it off.

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Hi I am a little confused about these ads. When do these ads pop up? and how long is the ad if video ad? or is the ads pop up windows that opens for me to see? and when i watch a ad is the bat sent to my wallet? So after i install this i have some setting up to do like setting up this wallet? how and where do i choose the ad regions im in florida? And do i still need to use a browser extension like adguard blocker? thanks for answering a few more questions so i will know how to set it up

These aren’t ads like you normally get. They are notifications. So if on Windows, it will be noitification that comes up in the lower right corner of your screen. For example, I just opened my Notification Center in Windows and here are two Brave Ads:

Screenshot 7_29_2022 4_06_30 PM

They are small and nonintrusive overall. How annoying they can be is up to your notification settings in Windows. My settings for Brave look like this:

Again, those are Windows settings. I got there by going to Notification Center, Manage Notifications, scrolled to Brave on the list, and then it has these options. By default it usually shows Notification Banner which will pop up on the screen and can be annoying, appearing on top of content. Also, sound often is on. I turned that off so I didn’t have to keep hearing the annoying beeping and all every time a notification popped up.

Randomly, there’s no method to the madness. Just have your computer on, that’s it. Eventually it serves the ad notifications.

Two things to address here.

  1. For your sanity and ours, try not to say wallet. The reason for this is we have Brave Rewards and then there’s Brave Wallet. When people say wallet, they start mixing the two together.

  2. When ads appear, it records it in your browser. You can usually go to brave://rewards and you’ll see how many ads you’ve seen and the Estimated Earnings that will pay out to you the following month.

You don’t. Brave determines this based on your device settings and IP address. For this reason, NEVER use an IP address that exists outside of your Locale. Otherwise it might try to show you “Florida” ads but it sees your IP in Japan, then you wouldn’t earn BAT for it and you might even get your account flagged. If you ever use something like a VPN, try to make sure you use an IP in your region OR turn off Brave Private Ads while you have the VPN going.

Do me a huge favor and try to check out my FAQ because I think it might be very helpful for you.

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