Disable Brave shields for good



Ihave a question is there a way i can get rid of the brave ad blocker for good cause i am using another one ?
Happy New year!

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You can’t disable it entirely, but you also shouldn’t have to. If you navigate to Settings --> Default Shields Settings, you can configure Brave to “Allow all” or "not block"whatever you’d like.
But you should be able to run Brave’s Shields alongside another ad blocker if you’d like.



Thx for the fast reply!
At this point i use vivaldi but i wanna come to brave but 2 things are stopping me.
first of all the adblocker in it but that question is already answerd.
Another thing is the default ad blocker to be trusted to use without another one i know the android version of brave is one of the best browser there is for my phone but for pc i dunno.
The second one is Sync cause i dont know how to use it cause its a weird system without signing in with an emailadres or username .

thx in advance


Is there a particular reason you don’t want to use Brave’s Shields (ad blocker/protections)?

Sync is currently only available in beta versions of the browser right now as it’s still undergoing heavy testing. Do you have the Beta or were you just asking about how Sync works in general?



Thx for the reply i use the beta version of brave but i dunno how the sync works.
Now for an example i get a virus from somewhere and i need to do a reinstall of my computer and format for a new windows.
how do i get my bookmarks back etc ?

thx in advance


This article may help you:

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