Problems between chrome and brave

I’ve been using brave with pretty great results and so I disabled chrome from my phone. I’ve been trying to use airdrips and the login feature for Facebook is buggy and I can’t disable the blocker. Now I’ve re enabled chrome and got into it except now I’m receiving blocked ads of brave from other browsers such as puffin. Im confused because puffin has no relation to brave? I guess brave is built off chromium which is the same as chrome. So puffin is receiving brave ads… chrome based? is there other browsers not chrome based? I’m confused because does brave add like a new host list on chrome? I’ve tried to look further into the problem and but it was sort of irrelevant, because it was talking about the apps exploits that google has with ads. I’m weary that’s not the case since the ads are coming from the website from puffin(alt browser/chrome). It would great if someone could explain this

Are you using the mobile or Desktop version of Brave? Can you send a screenshot of the ads you’re seeing?

Hey I’m using the mobile one

@Joker, I want to make sure I’m following you here:
The image above you posted is not Brve but a different browser (Chrome, I assume). You’re seeing ads for Brave in-browser while using [Chrome].
So what exactly is your question here?

I’m using an alternative browser puffin, why am I only seeing brave ads?

Ah, I see.
Tested on my end and also get Brave ads - what you’re seeing is a publisher who’s helping to promote Brave using our referral program. This is intended and expected (and appreciated!) from our verified publishers.

Does this answer your question/make sense to you?

I think it’s acceptable except it appears in places that normally I don’t think it would and I believe it’s still blocking some websites like airdrips from working properly like claiming from ads etc. So your answer is that these two browsers are separate? I’ve had issues with tabs n stuff opening between them and just trying to figure it out. I don’t need a speedy answer I just want a more direct one such as Google and services DNS cache file system stuff. I suppose I could play with island and let you know if I get a more positive experience anyways ima just got keep it on the back burner for now n rest. I left my charger some where n I need to put together my other one now ha bye

Brave is a web browser separate from Puffin, Kiwi or any other browser. You may find. You mentioned that,

Are you sure? This isn’t really possible as far as web browsers go. If you have your device set to open files/links in and your device’s default browser is not set to Brave, this may cause what you’re experiencing. Other than that, there’s no way to use one browser and click a link (normally) and have it open in another.

I would very much like to see a screen capture or recording of this behavior if you experience it again.

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