I need a good reason to make Brave my only web browser

Hi all,

I have used Brave for a few days on my Linux desktop and then went back to firefox. I just cant find a good enough reason to stick to Brave. As far as my understanding goes, isn’t Brave just a gui wrapper on top of Chromium, with ad blocking and other privacy scripts written into it. If that is the case then how is using Chromium + some ad blocking extensions or Firefox + ad blockers and privacy badgers and so on any different from using Brave? Im not talking about BAT, thats a different discussion. Im only thinking in terms of security. How is Brave more secure than other browsers out there? Sure Brave can be said to be natively more secure, but Brave itself is a wrapper on Chromium. So isn’t Brave just as secure as Firefox would be with a bunch of addons and extensions?

This is not to say that I didnt like Brave, I did, but logically speaking I couldn’t justify it as a replacement for Firefox or Chromium.

Can anyone shed any light on the points I’ve made?

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Here you put Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox side by side. You can do that with Brave, too. That means that you now have the choice between the “whole browsers”.

I switched to Brave because the search engine qwant.com suggests it. I think they know what they are doing.

So the 1st reason is privacy.
Later I noticed that Brave is very fast.

If I’m not mistaken, Chromium is open source. This means that the developers of Brave could also change and extend the code at will. So it’s not a “shell”.

Your question can probably only be answered by what is your matter of taste.


Hm, I’m new here. I haven’t tried it yet, but will definetly give you my opinion later! Thank you for this thread!

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