No earnings for ads?

Hi all, I’m seeing ads on the Brave desktop browser (Windows), but the current earnings have not increased in the past couple of days. I know there seem to be issues with payouts, but the earnings accrual seems to be a different issue. Has anyone run into this or know how to solve the issue?


Yes same thing happening with me … posted it on community a few hours back

Thanks, let me know if you find anything that works for you

I have the same issue here.

Funny, my BAT is stuck at 5.725 on desktop for last 2 days. And notification ads are way lower, i was getting maybe 2-3 per day(before 10+). On mobile phone i do get ads but stopped getting notifications.

Yup…me too. Im new to brave so I am quite confuzzled. Xx
Its stuck at the same figure since February. X

I bet a market upswing is coming

Mine started working today morning… It was definitely from the Brave’s end… The second profile also started updating rewards after the the first profile (within a gap of an hour)

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