Getting ads but not getting paid from them

Last night I was browsing the web, occasionally getting some brave ads, until I noticed something. I was getting ads but the number of “Estimated Pending Rewards” was not increasing accordingly.

I went to check and I had 23 “Ad notifications received this month”. After three more ads that number was still at 23 and my “Estimated Pending Rewards” were the same as before. After about an hour or so, my “Ad notifications received this month” decreased to 17 and my “Estimated Pending Rewards” decreased proporcionaly to the amount of ads I “lost”.

I went to sleep and woke up this morning to the same issue, but now I’m no longer getting ads.

Brave v1.10.97
Windows 10
I have both Brave rewards and Brave ads on
No auto-contribute

Thanks for having the time to read this.

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As with you I am suffering the same problem and I have gotten nothing in a ways of reply from Brave as of yet.

I don’t want to suspect them but unless we start hearing something in a ways of a reply then I cannot think of a reason other than that there has been a compromising issue with Brave when it comes to Youtube and ads

Please Brave team, answer the multiple people getting this issue with an answer OR a reason because at least then we can make a choice of whether to continue using your service

The issue solved iself somehow. I started getting ads again and I’m getting bat from them.

@TeZLa Yeah, sometimes the estimation don’t increase but it gets updated later (generally the next day if not sooner); It happened to me 2-3 times already but always got back to normal.

I don’t know if I made my point clear. I lost bat and I get ads that don’t give bat. Nothing gets credited later. Also, it happened again.

ah sorry, i didn’t totally understood your issue :flushed:

I have noticed it could happen, but not to that extent, i have already “lost” BAT decimals but not entire BATs; it happened when each add credited an entire 0.1 BAT, while normally (for me) 2 adds = 0.1 BAT, in the case of 1 add = 0.1 BAT (that could happen several times in a row) i noticed the decrease of 0.5 but other than that i can’t say more. If you have noticed that abnormally each add gave you 0.1 this may be where your issue is (but losing 6 BAT in this case is a lot), if not, i hope somebody has the answer you are looking for.

Thanks for the reply.

u can use other browser but brave the best from pop browsers and without rewards program. i know what i say, now brave bat have difficulties about it many messages on this forum but it’s not forever.

After some testing, I figured out this much.

I get my usual daily ads, ± 20 per day. When I reach that number, all of them disappear from “Ad notifications this month” and the BAT tied to those ads is also gone (20 ads = 1BAT). After this happens, I get ads that don’t give BAT in return.

I’ve lost roughly 4 BAT due to this issue and still no response from the staff after 4 days…

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wow is nice also now work. i enable rewards and get it.

I have same issue for about 2 months now on my phone and mac. kinda weird.

I do facing the same issue since last week. Getting ads but related rewards aren’t increasing accordingly both in my pc and mobile.

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