[Moderator misused his power and closed my topic] Only received brave sponsored images earning[This question isn't solved]

I got only sponsored ads earning as i think so because my monthly ad earnings is still showing on my brave://rewards page. Is this is any kind of glitch?

Need some clarification on the problem you are facing. Screenshots would be great.
Anyway, I’m no expert, but as an user I don’t think Brave send BAT’s that way. You either get everything or nothing. Sometimes you will get partial payments but not like the way you said. Payments are still happening. Wait for 2-3 days and if the problems persists then contact support staffs in here.

I also installed brave on may this year and using it daily.

As I said earlier, payments are still processing for Verified & Unverified accounts. Wait till tomorrow and see what happens.
By the way, have you got the Claim your rewards button?

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Hello friend, I hope you are well. I think your payment is right. 268 ads (July received ads) divide by 20 (20 ads is equivalent to 1 bat) = 13.4 Bat, now if you minus that on the shown estimated pending Bat 42.5 -13.4 it gives you 29 Bat.