Not Getting Ads After Weeks

I have waited several weeks but I still havent seen a single ad on my desktop. I thought maybe it needed more time or maybe there were no ads to show. However on my phone i get ads no problem and have from day 1. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps I can find for windows 10. However Brave does not appear as an app in the system notifications area no matter what I do and i think that may be my problem. I saw several users with the same issue but I havent found a fix yet.

@theblade009 visit and try to enable notification. Then, see if Brave is listed on your Notification settings. Thanks

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Awesome man thanks that worked and so did the test! I got an ad almost immediately after

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I tryed that, and in that page it works but i only had 1 ad from the brave community in 3 days. Is that ok? or should i do something else? (my configuration allows a max. number of 5 ads per hour)

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It’s an up to setting. Brave will show you up to 5 ads per hour.

The number of ads you see is depends on the availability of ads catalog in your country and “match” found between your interest and the catalog.

I think i found the problem. I use brave browser from my work desktop and my company use an extension of Windows for accessing diferent sites. So i tryed removing it from the browser and the ads start to show again. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but now i will try make work this extension without affect the brave rewards program. Thanks for the help.

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