I am disappointed with Brave

Hi everyone, ladies and gentlemen.

I want to say thanks the founders and the whole Brave staff for such a wonderful product. Fighting annoying advertising is a very cool idea. At the same time, paying viewing really good ads - OH MY GOD. For me, this is the opening of this year. I’m serious. And I’m silent about browser speed, privacy and security features. When I found out about the referral system - OH MY GOD(x2)
By the way, I’am crypto-trader and analyst. Also I’m a video gamer) I did advertising in my social networks and Discord. After my subscribers and friends found out about Brave, we talked, discussed, and wondered about this amazing product. But after I saw that my dashboard page was under review, my hands fell. I felt disappointed about what I saw. And I realized that all my work and time was wasted for nothing. And also all my positive emotions disappeared instantly. Only sediment left. I thought it was a joke but it’s not, that killed me completely.
I write here because I think a mistake was blamed. I once again carefully read Brave publishers rules and made sure that the rules were not break, on my part.
I know that You are busy right now, but I gently asking You to review my account status.

Thank You

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions.

The team will get in touch with you after your account be reviewed.

Apologies for the inconveniences . Thanks.

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Excuse me please, is it possible to solve my situation with the administration here? I observed here that some admins are asking people with the same situation to DM them. May I be one of these exceptions, or these people have more privileges than me?

Have you reached out to suspensions@brave.com already regarding your account status?


Greetings Mattches. Yes. I wrote to suspensions@brave.com 3 days ago, but I didn’t receive any reply from them.

Hi there, thanks for writing in! Please allow additional time for your account review. We will have a decision for you by December’s payout.


Hello Asad.
Thank you for your reply.
I can provide any time for review of my account.
Nevertheless you didn’t answer my question. Which really offends me as a person.


Hi there. Sorry, we do not make exceptions for anyone and it would be unfair to the other people waiting to push you to the top of the review queue. Please be patient! We’ll have a final decision for you before the next payout.


its all a waiting game, thanks @Asad

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There is a high probability that your account will be banned for reason that brave doesn’t want to pay fair BATs for attracting new users

They said the same words when it was october (september payments) and then just banned people, just because they can


Hello Asad, I didn’t receive any reply from suspensions@brave.com . Perhaps this is some kind of misunderstanding, and I’m confused.

Almost 20 days have passed since I wrote in suspensions@brave.com , but I didn’t receive any reply from them. Perhaps this is some kind of misunderstanding, and I’m confused. I also talked to the administration here - I am disappointed with Brave . Should I continue to work with Brave using my social community?

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Hello, @Asad . 2 days before payout. I don’t understand how the review process goes, but Brave@suspensions did not answer to my message and I am not sure that they read it at all. The decision will be on the day of payment?

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