Bat suspensed brave creators

hello ,
i’ve suspensed bats creators for 1month …
please help me .
i sent a e-mail to
a message on brave creators dashboard .
i’d a response from

but no response for 1 month on dashboard

please help me …

thanks , goodbye.

Brave’s not good as they claim. They locked out my account a day before payment.
Say there’s smothing wrong with my acoount and don’t say what.
They never intend paying out our rewards- be warned.

Brave distributes 8-figure payouts monthly at this point. We don’t discuss actions taken on accounts in the public, but I’d be happy to help review your case if you feel a mistake was made on our part. Feel free to DM me to proceed with further review.

hey i had dm you with my publisher id where i account is been suspended a month ago. please take a took into it. thanks in advance.

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