HTTPS Everywhere from web store

I am using HTTPS Everywhere from the Chrome web store because I need to be able to configure it for use with the extension Decentraleyes, and I disabled the built in HTTPS Everywhere in Brave. I am still seeing the HTTPS upgrades number incrementing on my new tab page, so this got me wondering: does installing the web store version automatically hook into Brave and replace the built in one? Or is the setting for toggling HTTPS Everywhere not working?


I did exactly the same way. I am also not sure whether just disabling the HTTPS Everywhere in Brave is enough to completely stop this. But other than the numbers increasing i do not see it is affecting it in any negative ways.

I wonder if the browser is hooking into the web store version for statistics about https upgrades.

The HTTPS-upgrades counter only counts the behavior of upgrading a request. It doesn’t distinguish between Shields and extensions from the store.

What constitutes “behavior of upgrading a request”? Does that mean that if https everywhere upgrades a connection, Brave detects that in the background regardless of what prompted the upgrade?

Do redirects to https count as “upgrades”?

Yes — if something in the browser rewrites an HTTP connection to HTTPS, that’ll increment the counter. If the site returns a 3xx redirect pointing to HTTPS, that’s not counted.

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