How to use HTTPS Everywhere and Decentraleyes together?

As per the instructions on Decentraleyes, the query goes to different websites needs to be stopped when using HTTPS Everywhere. So they give this short guide on this page using which one can stop HTTPS Everywhere doing that.

For this reason I am using HTTPS Everywhere addon instead of the built-in feature on Brave browser. I remember @Mattches said before that this feature will be included in Brave as well.

Anyone using Decentraleyes on Brave? Any comments?


Perhaps I’m missing something?
When I install decentraleyes in Brave and Chrome, they both behave identically and nether of them load the aforementioned “checkbox dialog” shown in your screenshot. Additionally:

  1. Brave has HTTPS built in Shields and enabled by default. Is there something Decenraleyes is doing differently/more effectively?
  2. There’s a “test” link at the bottom of the Decentraleyes extension that, when clicked, took me to a page informing me that all tests were complete and the extension was operational:

FWIW, I ran some browser SSL tests and Shields and the extension seem to block the same things with respect to https.

Its a pity decentraleyes doesn’t list what elements it replaces, probably the only useful feature would be its local replacements.

I do not know the full technical details. Let me try to explain. It seems I was not clear in the first post and in the earlier post as well.

It seems like HTTPS used to send query to many places which is not needed if we have decentraleyes which keep all those files locally in our computer. So we need to instruct HTTPS Everywhere not to do that by taking out those options. Which can be done from HTTPS Everywhere addon drop down menu ONLY from the page which decentraleyes show after its installation. I have attached the figure to show this. This deselecting of query is not possible with the default HTTPS Everywhere built in the brave browser.

Whether we deselect those options as instructed by Decentraleyes add on, decentraleyes is still working (as you have shown in the picture) but HTTPS Everwhere is sending queries everywhere which defeats the purpose of decentraleyes.


I understand now – for some reason I hadn’t put together that you meant the standalone HTTPSE extension + Decentraleyes – apologies for that.

In short, the HTTPSE extension may have some features not included in Shields by default – so if you’d like to use those, you should go with the extension.

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